Medusa Unleashed

Medusa has come. Will she be friend or foe?

Medusa Unleashed is a print-and-play expansion for Atlantis Rising

Play Time 60-120 minutes
# Players 1–7
Ages 10+
Resources Print-and-Play

Atlantis still needs you.

A portion of all proceeds will go to COVID-19 related charity.

Medusa was once a beautiful mortal woman, but that beauty attracted the attention of the god Poseidon. The gods saw mortals as their playthings, and Poseidon was no different. He sought out the object of his lust and seduced her while she worshipped at the temple of Athena, and then he retreated into the sea. The goddess Athena discovered the blasphemous act which had occurred within her temple, and she punished Medusa with a terrible curse. Medusa’s mind was shattered, her hair turned to snakes, and all those who gazed upon her would be turned to stone.

The wrathful gods have now come to punish the Atlanteans, sinking their island forever. Knowing that the Atlanteans are clever, Athena unleashed the gorgon, Medusa, to turn the entire populace to stone and thwart any efforts to save Atlantis. As the waters rise, you and your fellow Atlanteans must work quickly to defeat the gorgon and save your people!

Medusa Unleashed is a new module for Atlantis Rising and can be used with any player count. The new expansion introduces Monsters, persistent misfortunes that continue to hinder your progress once activated. Each round, Medusa is drawn to a random tile on the island. Any Atlantean workers on this tile are immediately turned to stone! If there are no workers present, she instead targets the populace.Petrified volunteers fill the island tile and limit the number of available action spaces.

The Artisan comes to your aid as a new playable councilor. The Artisan can create mystical items to equip your workers, granting them exciting new powers. In a twist on the ancient myth, you can even construct and use a fabled mirror shield to break Medusa’s curse! With her curse broken, Medusa turns her rage towards the gods and joins your cause, unlocked as a councilor for future games!

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