End of the Trail

End of the Trail Box Image

# of Players



20–40 Minutes



End of the Trail is a push-your-luck card game for 2-4 prospectors of the California Gold Rush. Your goal is to lay claim to territories worth the most gold, by strategically managing your hand of multi-use cards so that you can effectively prospect the land.

Prospecting land is a risky business. Players must choose their cards carefully, as they have limited chances to discover the most bountiful sources of gold. Each time they play a card and peek at a land tile, they must decide if they will stake a claim, placing their prospector’s tent, or if they will press their luck and try to find a better claim. But if a new land tile that they peek at produces less gold than their most previous inspected tile, the player’s luck has run out, and they are forced to accept the less bountiful claim.

The cards that you use to prospect will ultimately be used again at the poker table, good for extra gold and one final shot at claiming territory at the end of the game. When the dust has all settled, the player with the most gold is the winner of the game.


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