Review Request

We greatly appreciate the service that board game reviewers do for our hobby and industry. Their dedication, passion, and experience help consumers make great choices and find great games. This is great for gamers, designers, publishers, and everyone working in the tabletop industry.

If you have been reviewing games for over a year and have a dedicated following, then please reach out to us, using the form below. If you think that one of our games would be a good fit for you and your content and if we agree with your assessment (and we probably will), then we will be thrilled to send you a complimentary copy of the game for review.

If you’re new to board game reviews, first let us say that we’re thrilled you’re interested in an Elf Creek game for review. We appreciate how difficult it can be to make your mark in the crowded field of board game blogs, podcasts, videos, etc. After all, we’re trying to do something similar as a publisher. We’d love to help, but first we need to be upfront. As a small, startup board game publisher, we simply cannot afford to send a free game to everyone who asks. So, what can we do? Please keep the following in mind:

  • Reach out to us and make your pitch. Point us to some sample reviews and content and present us with some metric to grasp the size of your audience. We particularly value not just likes and followers, but the number of people who are actively engaged as members of your audience – how many people watch your videos on Youtube, review your podcast on iTunes, or comment on your blog or social media links? We also pay attention to what sort of audience engages with your content – what sort of gamers look to you for your opinion?
  • Are you in this for the long haul? What are your expectations for content updates? What’s your game plan for when reviewing seems more like a chore than a hobby? How do you plan and hope grow your audience? What’s sort of equipment is on your wishlist to improve your content?
  • Let’s start a dialogue. Get to know us and our brand and help us understand your goals as a board game journalist. Look us up at a convention. (We’re always at Origins and Gen Con, but smaller conventions are often more conducive to actual dialogue. We always plan to attend Geekway to the West and Flat Con, but other regional conventions are also possible. Ask us.)
  • Every situation is different. Sometimes we’ll be able to offer you a complementary or discounted copy of a game. Sometimes we won’t be able to offer you one. Please respect our decision.
  • We promise to respect you, your content, and your opinion. Respect isn’t just a one-way street. If you do a review of one of our games, we’ll take what we feel is an appropriate measure to share and/or acknowledge that review. We respect the right of reviewers to offer journalistic criticism of board games, offering perspective on the pros and cons of any board game.