Game Submissions

Elf Creek is currently looking for game submissions that would fit into our product lines:

  • Strategy games with themes centered on American history and/or Americana
  • Gateway/gateway+ board games about holidays, that families can play on holidays 
  • Strategy or hybrid games that explore genres of speculative fiction (science fiction, supernatural fiction, fantasy, horror, utopia/dystopia, alternate history, etc.) in new and/or fun/fresh ways

As a company, we are NOT interested in:

  • War games
  • 18xx games
  • CCGs or other card games with regularly scheduled releases in series
  • Abstracts
  • RPGs
  • Games that take over 3 hours to play
  • Thematic, sometimes referred to as Ameritrash, games (hybrid games, driven by euro mechanisms, may be considered)
  • Euro/strategy games with "pasted on" themes.
  • Games that are very heavy or very light.

Some people decry the "soulless" strategy/euro game, with "pasted on" themes.  In light of that, we like to say that we want to create "soulful" strategy/euro games.  If you have a game that you would like to submit to Elf Creek Games, please click below to fill out our form.  If we decide to pursue your submitted design, we will contact you and ask for the following:

  • A copy of the rules
  • A prototype of the game
  • A playtest session at a convention (preferred) or a 2-5 minute video pitch

Please, when submitting a game, make sure it…

  • has a complete set of rules and player aids, in English, that have been blind playtested, and thus can be followed without your input
  • is a fully functional, physical prototype, with complete components and serviceable graphic design
  • fits into one of our product lines
  • has a unique theme or mechanism, or combination of mechanisms, that is not prominent in an already published game.
  • could be re-themed if needed

After we have reviewed your pitch, the game’s rules, and played the game a few times, we will then decide if we will sign the game.  We will not sign a non-disclosure agreement, which are themselves very uncommon in the tabletop game industry.  If this bothers you, then we respectfully request you set yourself at ease and simply do not submit a game for consideration. 

When we decide to sign a game, we will work with the designer throughout the development process until the game is published.  One thing that we want to do is not lose sight of the designer’s intended goal for the game.  We will want to work with you, with the goal of making the game the best that it can be.  We’re passionate about games and strive to give our best to every game we publish.  We value excellence in art, graphic design, and high quality game components.

Please be patient as we review your submissions at every step of this process.  If you have not heard back from us after a month, feel free to follow up at that point.  

If you have any other questions, please contact us here.  We can't wait to hear from you!

Game Submission Form